Dannon Activia Lawsuit

Dannon Activia is a yogurt that claims to help regulate your digestive system. The difference between Dannon and most other yogurts is Dannon contains probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria are live bacteria that are supposed to not only help regulate your digestion, but also help improve your immune system. Probiotic bacteria can be found naturally in your intestinal tract, but scientists say that as you age, good bacteria such as probiotic will decrease. Dannon has claimed their yogurt will help replenish the good bacterium to your system, thus improving your health.

These yogurts with probiotic bacteria have helped boost Dannon’s sales. It is expected that in 2008, Activia and DanActive (another yogurt by Dannon with a different bacteria that claims to “help strengthen your body’s defense”) will produce about 40% of the company’s yogurt business. In its first year of release, Dannon grossed approximately $100 million from this yogurt line.

However, a lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles federal court is saying Dannon fooled consumers into paying more for Activia based on the false advertising campaign. The lawsuit seeks to reimburse consumers as well as have Dannon correct their advertising campaign. While the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization says probiotics have a beneficial health effect, it must be backed up by research. The Food and Drug Administration does not get involved in such claims, but rather looks for labels in which a product claims to equate the probiotic products with disease-curing drugs.

The lawsuit against Dannon says that even their own studies failed to prove that Activia has health benefits superior to other brands of yogurt. Yet, Dannon has stated these yogurts were proven “clinically” and “scientifically” to have health benefits. In the lawsuit, it is mentioned that Dannon charges about 30% more for the Activia and DanActive yogurt lines than other yogurts. The lawsuit also contains scientific reports showing that there is no conclusive evidence proving that probiotic bacteria can benefit adults. One such report was released by the American Academy of Microbiology, which states, “At present, the quality of probiotics available to consumers in food products around the world is unreliable.”

Trish Weiner filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles on January 23, saying that the “only effect that it had on me was that it tasted poorly.” Weiner’s lawyer, Tim Blood, with the San Diego firm Coughlin Stoia, said, “Companies are getting more and more aggressive in their advertising claims. They end up playing off people’s general fears and concerns.” He claims Weiner suffered an “economic injury” and believes if settled, the lawsuit could amount to as much as $300 million dollars.

You can read dannon’s response to the lawsuit here.

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  1. Greg Says:

    I have tried Activia and actually have a pack unopened but i must say that i too have fallen for Dannon’s claims to a regular digestive system as well though i will tell you that there is another alternative and that is the same bifidus regularis or probiotics in pill form that you can get from a health food store perhaps even GNC or Vitamin World and i’m pretty sure you can also get it on Amazon you can find anything on Amazon

  2. Thelma Says:

    Some people would do anything for an easy dollar. That’s one of the problem with this country. Everybody wants to sue if things don’t work out the way they want it. I am never one to get involved with advertised product because not everyone can be trusted. I used to go once per week or once every two weeks. I decided to try Activia, and since then, I GO EVERY SINGLE DAY. The flavors are great, except the vanilla. I don’t like that, but otherwise the product works.

  3. Millie Wood Says:

    i also have lactose intolerance that is why i always avoid dairy products.’`,

  4. Jack Says:

    It does absolutely nothing for my constipation problem but it tastes great.
    The only problem I have is that it seems to have a little more watery consistency in recent months (maybe to help cover legal fees related to the lawsuit?).

  5. trentroy Says:

    Another frivilous lawsuit, which makes me ill. If you think it costs to much, don’t buy it. Seems this sue happy fool is too stupid to figure that one out on her own. We’re not forced to purchase any product, its called free choice.

  6. tricia Says:

    i love it but can u eat it more than once a day

  7. tricia Says:

    how do i find out about how much activia to eat

  8. dcpope39 Says:

    It works for me, I’ve been taking it for a bout a week and have already notice a change in my digestive system. I will continue to eat Activia, I only east it five day a week and not on weekend. But for those five days it really works.

  9. Lino Ireson Says:

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  10. me Says:

    Sure, go ahead.

  11. Charlene Gunville Says:

    This product was recommened to me by a friend who just loves it. I agree – love the taste and it works great. As far as gall or kidney stones – what’s the rest of your diet? I’m sure it does not work for every one. If your problem is not enough water (not coffee, soda etc) nothing but more water will fix that. As for the lawsuit – come on now, I think you must claim to be intellegent, if you’ve used a food type product until it’s caused a problem without having the sense to stop – well intellegent – maybe not. I agree with the person who said get off your lazy backside and get a job. These silly lawsuits only end up costing all consumers more in the long run.

  12. Molly Moore Says:

    you can always avoid constipation by engaging in high fiber diet~,:

  13. shannon kretsinger Says:

    i did the whole 14 day or money back guarantee and it did nothing for me and when i asked for my refund do to false advertisement well got nothing in return. i do not suggest this product to anyone….

  14. cheryl D. Says:

    With digestive and thyroid problems I have found Activia to be THE one and only product that actually does regulate my digestion along with SEVERAL others that I have turned on to this product. For whatever reason….it works..and the liquid works the best.
    As far as taste…I like it. other may not. its all a matter of “taste” ..and no..I DONT work for the company or never did!
    I will complain the price is too high though!

  15. Colette T Says:

    I was surprised to hear about this lawsuit. I can vouch for this product, I have one every day and it works well for me, and its pretty tasty too. I highly doubt that Dannon would be found guilty.

  16. Eric Tuttle Says:

    Hi all, i´m from germany so my english isnt that superb. Please dont blame me. I read blogs to improve my english and say that your blog was perfect readable for me, because the english is really clear-thinking and all the posts are perfect readable. I will keep on reading it, to improve my english even more. Thanks a lot Smile

  17. KJ Says:

    How about worrying about more important things instead of bitching about whether or not the brand of yogurt you buy helps you shit.

  18. Rae Johnson Says:

    Activia has become a main stay in my home, even my daughter and grandsons now use it and love the new taste! Obviously everyone does not respond the same, though I myself have been very pleased with the results. Seen the commerical with Heidi Klum? That would be me with Activia, lol! I look forward to having my serving of Activia every day. I have not had anywhere near the positive results with any other product claiming the same results. I will continue to use Activia under the guidance of my GI doctor.

  19. Dwight Baker Says:

    Man, all for alittle money that this lawsuit will produce. Well, let me tell you. I have been taking Activia for almost 3 years and it has done wonders for my digestive system and it might not work for everyone, so don’t buy it if it doesn’t work!
    My only wish is that I can get more flavors of it and want to try the deserts or the drinks that Dannon puts out, but my stores don’t have it, so I stick with what I get and its totally wonderful and benefitical and I will continue to use Activia.

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  21. alwanderer Says:

    300 million? Too many lawyers are bottom scum, We would be better off if 90% of lawyers did their “mopping up” on a floor stead of in a court room. There is something to be said for q brace of pistols and a pair of seconds at dawn. If the bastard were offed more then a few would cheer. By the way I love the yogurt, I just “offed” one. Cherry… Mmmm.

  22. Kyle Says:

    I got my settlement check today, and the thieves short-changed me over $60! What do they want, ANOTHER class-action suit?

    Did anyone else get short-changed?

  23. Sandra Says:

    Activia gives me diahrea. they have added a certain fiber to it.
    Now Polaner all fruit jelly has added fiber.(God knows why). I can’t eat it either. why are they all adding fiber. We should be smart enough to eat fiber on our own. If not, that’s our problem. I do not buy these products anymore.

  24. Sheila Thompson Says:

    Activia works great to regulate my digestive system, I do not know why someone is bringing a lawsuit. It works great for me.

  25. tasha Says:

    ok i have only a couple things to say if u people have had such bowel problems have u heard of a thing called a laxitve or mabe a stool softner me i have the other problem i cant stop going but i still love the yogurt and this lady come on seroulsly 300 million thats ridiculas should just tried somethin else ur bottom feeder and i thinks its bull get a life and grow up enough said

  26. colleen Says:

    I used Activia for 3 weeks now and it keeps me regular and my constipation has eased a lot. The only problem is I have more gas. I love the taste. I have tried lots of different brands of yogurt and Dannen Activia is the only one I can stand to eat. Keep making Activia I love it.

  27. Tony Says:

    I don’t like paying extra for Activia but this stuff works great and I will keep buying it anyway.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Next we are going to sue the company who makes poptarts and oreos because of our obese children. HAH! It doesn’t work for everyone. Jeez.

  29. Anon Ymous Says:

    Wow! I was really surprised by this lawsuit. It is nothing short of a Joke. I will stand by, Dannon’s claims are correct.

    The bacteria found in Activia is beneficial. I’ve been eating the Vanilla flavor for a couple of years, off and on, and I notice the difference it makes.

    To further support Dannon’s claims, there is a product called Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup manufactured by Marshalls that contains the same bacteria. Although I have never read Marshall make any claims about this product, I have read hundreds of statements from ferret owners labeling this product as a “miracle supplement.”

    The actual miracle is lactobacillus acidophilus. Through my own studies with a few ferret owning friends-we found lactobacillus acidophilus to be extremely beneficial to ferrets. It helps more nutrients to be absorb by the digestive tract.

    Further, this bacteria saved my ferrets life. This is only my opinion…and I stand by it. My ferret had an ulcer, and lost an extreme amount of weight. Introducing a higher concentration of lactobacillus acidophilus to his diet assisted in recovery. It also helped his digestive tract absorb the antibiotics better, as his ulcer seemed to be resistent prior to introducing the higher concentration of the bacteria.

    That all said, the lawsuit is frivolous.

  30. Judy G Says:

    I am a 60 year old female. I started having major digestive problems after taking several medications for inflammation, and surgery (gallbladder/appendix). After the surgery, I was dismayed and alarmed to still have the bloating and pain problem – no matter what or how much or I ate.
    It occurred to me that it might be the result of having taken antibiotics and other meds, severely disrupting my digestive system.
    I gave Activia a try – and to my delight and amazement, had relief after just one “dose”. I plan to stick with it until my digestion is back to normal.
    And, I might add, I love the taste Dannon’s yogurt!
    ps. We own dogs, and always supplement their food with a couple of tablespoonsful of plain, lowfat yogurt. Beneficial to their coats and digestion.

  31. Emma Says:

    I decided to give Activia a try, as I was suffering from horrible abdominal pain every time I ate. I figured I had nothing to lose. I spent less than $8 to try it for a week, and they offer a moenyback guarantee of up to $14.

    I can’t believe the difference it has made for me!

    It has been a month and I haven’t had a single stomach ache. I almost forgot how it felt to feel this way. Furthermore, I think it tastes great.

    I can’t believe this Trish broad is suing because “it tasted poorly” and didn’t work for her. Aw! Did you suffer a little econmic injury, Trish? Did you pay a nominal amount of money to try something that you ended up not liking? QUICK! Someone get this ignorant b!#*% $300 million!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    In my case, it has made the difference between night and day. My digestive system IS much better. Thank you Activia and Dannon.

  33. Robin Says:

    Everyone’s digestive system is different. Everyone’s eating habits are different. Everyone’s absorption is different. Some things work for some people; others don’t. Activia worked for me. It’s nice to be regular and not bloated. Yes…I tried regular yoghurt, fat free yoghurt, plain, fruit, Greek, every yoghurt and Activia is the only one that has helped me with my normal digestion AND I have not changed my diet.
    I lived in Italy, too and noticed that Activia is a big part of people’s diet over there. Every store is stocked with it. And yes…taking myself out of the picture, I totally recognized A LOT of things about Americans that I didn’t like, one of them being how law suit happy they are.
    Because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t give you the permission to file a law suit.

  34. Consumer Says:

    I have taken Activia for four weeks faithfully and I’m still constipated and bloated. Will not buy this product again. I will stick with plain yogurt. Dannon is asking for a class action.

  35. Jen Says:

    I always have one yogourt in the morning in my breakfast. This time I wanted to try activia because they have new products. After I tried this products I got constipated. I don’t understand why because i am a regular person.

  36. Mike Says:

    If I was dannon I would tell them sue me and I wouldn’t give these people a dime. Nothing on the label is lie they emphasize on one particular ingredient that is in the product. It’s not going to work for everyone as nobody’s problems are identical and naturally peoples digestive systems work in different ways. If it don’t work don’t do it. Didn’t you learn this in kindergarten class. If you can’t drink milk you don’t drink it. If you can’t ear nuts you don’t eat them. Nyquill will knock my wife out but doesn’t do anything for me so guess what I don’t use it. There should be no out of court settlement because there is no case. I did a class action lawsuit 11 years ago when I was 18 for a electric belt that was supposed to cut fat at your waist. Well I didn’t work As does most infomercial products so 6 years after I got this letter to join this class action suit I got a settlement check for $2.88 I paid $49.00 for the product so guess what I didn’t even get my money back even though I never tried too the reason for the lawsuit was because the Velcro would tear after a while and expose the leads where the electric cord spliced into the motor and would cause the user to eventually get shocked when turned on. So if something that dangerous amounted to a $2.88 reimbursement than this is going to be a total waste of everybody’s time. and yes I know it was a class action lawsuit so there were probably millions of people on the suit and I know the lawyers took majority of the money. Knowing now as I got older I regret ever doing it because I believe America looks like asses because of the sue happy lifestyle Americans have fallen into.

  37. Mary Says:

    I love Dannon Activia Yogurt with fibre. Last year I went to spend a couple of months with my aging father after my mother passed away. While I was there I decided to try the yogurt for breakfast every morning with in 2 weeks my acne cleared up. I have been acne free for 1 whole year. It was an unexpected and pleasant result. I am one of their biggest supporters. What a ridiculous lawsuit.

  38. Darlene Says:

    I just want to know if the yogurt ever comes in Raspberry flavor?

  39. Constipation is Not Romantic | Nutrivize Says:

    […] sick to death of the fake digestive cures advertised everywhere, like Activia yogurt. There’s no proof that Activia works (as I’ve mentioned angrily before) and yet, it’s still marketed as a constipation cure (note […]

  40. mary Says:

    I just found out the activia has this bactéria because they take from humam poop , this is disgusting, I will never eat again,….. eeewwwwwww

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