Dannon Activia Lawsuit

Dannon Activia is a yogurt that claims to help regulate your digestive system. The difference between Dannon and most other yogurts is Dannon contains probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria are live bacteria that are supposed to not only help regulate your digestion, but also help improve your immune system. Probiotic bacteria can be found naturally in your intestinal tract, but scientists say that as you age, good bacteria such as probiotic will decrease. Dannon has claimed their yogurt will help replenish the good bacterium to your system, thus improving your health.

These yogurts with probiotic bacteria have helped boost Dannon’s sales. It is expected that in 2008, Activia and DanActive (another yogurt by Dannon with a different bacteria that claims to “help strengthen your body’s defense”) will produce about 40% of the company’s yogurt business. In its first year of release, Dannon grossed approximately $100 million from this yogurt line.

However, a lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles federal court is saying Dannon fooled consumers into paying more for Activia based on the false advertising campaign. The lawsuit seeks to reimburse consumers as well as have Dannon correct their advertising campaign. While the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization says probiotics have a beneficial health effect, it must be backed up by research. The Food and Drug Administration does not get involved in such claims, but rather looks for labels in which a product claims to equate the probiotic products with disease-curing drugs.

The lawsuit against Dannon says that even their own studies failed to prove that Activia has health benefits superior to other brands of yogurt. Yet, Dannon has stated these yogurts were proven “clinically” and “scientifically” to have health benefits. In the lawsuit, it is mentioned that Dannon charges about 30% more for the Activia and DanActive yogurt lines than other yogurts. The lawsuit also contains scientific reports showing that there is no conclusive evidence proving that probiotic bacteria can benefit adults. One such report was released by the American Academy of Microbiology, which states, “At present, the quality of probiotics available to consumers in food products around the world is unreliable.”

Trish Weiner filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles on January 23, saying that the “only effect that it had on me was that it tasted poorly.” Weiner’s lawyer, Tim Blood, with the San Diego firm Coughlin Stoia, said, “Companies are getting more and more aggressive in their advertising claims. They end up playing off people’s general fears and concerns.” He claims Weiner suffered an “economic injury” and believes if settled, the lawsuit could amount to as much as $300 million dollars.

You can read dannon’s response to the lawsuit here.

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  1. Dorothy Says:

    I am really glad to see someone forcing accountability on these companies and thier claims. They should know better. Also, an influx of bacteria can be counterproductive to those who are immunocomprimised and I see no disclaimer to that effect on television. There are too many variables not covered to advertise so recklessly with a person’s health. Pharmacueticals back door advertising should be shut down as well. That is my 2 cents!

  2. Chris Vail Says:


    I have at least one receipt, from last year, for this product. My aging mother and father are the main consumers. I have only tried to make them comfortable in their last years. How do I join this class action suit?

  3. Bobbie Bullock Says:

    I am sadly disappointed to read about the claims made by Activia Yogurt. I have recently put my 5 year old granddaughter on activia as she has had problems with her bowels with requent constipation. I have convinced her mother that my granddaughter should eat an Activia every day to regulate her bowels. So have I been tricked. If so, I’d like a respsonse from Danon regarding this two week challenge advertised on it’s product. Do you now have any alternate solutions to this little girls problems?

    Sadly disappointed.

  4. Tracey Says:

    Activia works for me. Maybe it does not work for everyone. And 3 MILLION?? Did you spend that much on it?? Wow. Seems a little extreme to me. Good luck.
    ps. have you tried any of the other yogurts that make the same claim? (just worded differently)

  5. me Says:

    One thing to remember is that unfortunately it doesn’t take much to start a lawsuit. In the end I don’t think Dannon will be found for doing anything wrong.

  6. abq Says:

    I continue to buy Activia even with the recent findings. I find it not only to indeed help with digestion but also think it is great tasting. I agree with the last comment that said it doesn’t take much to start a lawsuit. Honestly how much could Trish Weiner have purchased… $300 million dollars seems a bit much for “economic injury” wouldn’t you say? Come on Trish play the lotto like the rest of us instead of trying to take a big name company to the cleaners because you don’t like the taste of their product!

  7. Food marketers say the darndest things « The CubeGourmet Says:

    [...] What’s up w/the yogurts with added nutrients – plain yogurt is a beautiful, healthy thing (see previous rant). You can add fruit, or honey, or cereal to it, and you have a nice snack or breakfast. I don’t see a need for adding a bunch of sugar, probiotics (yogurt has plenty on its own) or whatever, packaging it in a bunch on nonrecyclable little containers (global warming, anyone?), sticking a “healthy” label on it, and putting it @eye level on grocery shelves. [...]

  8. Miss Pinky Says:

    I have severe constipation problems to the point my doctor wants to do surgery.I have tried the activia in every flavor the make and I am sad to say it didn’t work for me at all.I think that 300 million is a little much.I also believe that some products are just not right for some people that’s why there is such a variety out there.I mean for example some people that have athritis use tylenol and it works great for them do we sue them because it doesen’t wrok for you?No we don’t we try a diffrent product.

  9. Amber Says:


  10. kevin mcginnis Says:

    I have experienced very painful abdominal and urinary problems due
    to use of Dannon Activia and DanActive yogurt products. The products
    has caused gall-stones in my gall-bladder and kidney stones in the urinary
    tract and kidneys. I also have extreme constipation from using this
    product. I support the lawsuit being filed against Dannon by a consumer
    named Trish Wiener and her atty. is Tim Blood. I’m still fighting since
    early November 2007 for a settlement amount of $29.95 on the total
    purchases, receipts sent, on Dannon Activia and DanActive yogurt
    products. In reply, still no comment nor a check in the mail payable to
    me for $29.95. Contacted them many times. Its time to kill the product.

  11. Eva Gal, RN MSN Says:

    Here is my experience: I was on antibiotics for one year. When I stopped the antibiotic therapy I developed severe constipation and bloating and back pain as well. At one point my symptoms were similar to Ovarian Cancer. I sought medical help with my internist. After about 6 months of blood tests, CT scan, colonoscopy, upper and lower GI scans, pelvic scans and cancer screenings which were all negative my doctor recommended Dannon Activia. Without much to lose I tried Activia for 1 week. After 1 week my symptoms slowly resolved. The bloating, constipation and back pain were gone. I had regular bowel movements and was off medications.
    My experience with DanActive and Activia is that it may not work for everyone, but I am happy that it worked for me!

  12. chamcham Says:

    I’m sadly disappointed that a grown woman would take it upon herself to prescribe a treatment for a child based on a commercial. Your alternative is to seek professional advice, not ask for the masses at large to diagnose and treat.

    Simply put, some folks like the effects of Activia and DanActiv, others do not. This lawsuit is ridiculous, unless Activia or DanActiv outright harmed someone with permanent internal injury or death.

    “Bobbie Bullock Says:

    January 29th, 2008 at 2:00 pm
    I am sadly disappointed to read about the claims made by Activia Yogurt. I have recently put my 5 year old granddaughter on activia as she has had problems with her bowels with requent constipation. I have convinced her mother that my granddaughter should eat an Activia every day to regulate her bowels. So have I been tricked. If so, I’d like a respsonse from Danon regarding this two week challenge advertised on it’s product. Do you now have any alternate solutions to this little girls problems?”

  13. Nashtn Says:

    Activia works great for me. I have been trying to diet and cut back on the amount of food I eat. However this causes me constipation with small hard stools. One Activia and problem is gone. I don’t eat it every day but two or three times a week. I really enjoy the taste and consistency, and sometimes eat it for dessert or as a special treat. If it doesn’t help you with your problems, you need to see a gastrointestinal specialist and perhaps have a colonostomy.
    Another product that works great for reflux and daily indigestion is Prilosec OTC.
    I feel so much better using both of these products!

  14. RN BSN Says:

    Wow, talk about sue happy Americans. Its yogurt, it doesn’t claim to cure cancer. It works for some people, not for others… And to the first post its a probiotic, it helps keep your body inhabited by the good bacteria. Its when those good bacteria are knocked out that the bad ones can take over. I love when people talk about things they clearly know nothing about.
    -Registered Nurse, BSN

  15. Pamela Sandberg Says:

    Anyone can sue anyone else for anything but it doesn’t mean that the sue’d party is guilty. Of course I want Dannon to be acurate in it’s claims but don’t people realize that lawsuits (and especially class-action) benefit the attorney’s…getting a $2.00 check for the parties to the lawsuit…please…it’s not even enough to go buy yourself more yogurt…if it works for you, good deal, if not, keep trying other brands.
    I happen to like both Activia and Danactive. I hope they have beneficial properties but if not, it’s not the end of the world for me. I have a life.
    Just trying to eat healthy – PSS

  16. Frank Says:

    The Deuce diaries blogs about all the bowel problems he had before he started using Activia. http://www.thedeucediaries.blogspot.com . It may not be scientific, but it is quite convincing.

  17. sweetgal2301 Says:

    I used this product and I have to say it works for me. I am a PhD student and I have very irregular food habits … and thus I always have bloating etc … but I have found out that when I eat actvia soon as I get bloated .. it goes away. I also know that most of the women and even men around me eats actvia and they like it and two girls have already said they have the same effect from activia as I do.
    I am guessing that different people gets different responses .. and so you can’t blame a company if it doesn’t work for you … because there are thousands it works for.

  18. cal Says:

    Danone sells its 100g Activia yoghurt in nonrecylcable containers – what a waste – each time you eat one little (and they are little) yoghurt you have to throw away the container which will be forever in a landfill.
    for shame.

  19. Terry Says:

    You’re right RN BSN, too many sue happy people, it is disgusting, make a living some other way.

    I am never one to post to these types of things, but I can’t let this one go.

    I have been chronically constipated since my early 20′s, I am now 43. You name it, I have tried it, I have been to gastroenterologists, have had many tests over these 20 years, even been to two nutritionists, none have helped me. When Activia came out, I figured it can’t hurt, I know for a fact that probiotics are good for your digestive tract. I started eating one a day, probably for months, I saw no difference. Mind you, I would have a bowel movement once every couple of weeks, and less then my cat would go, it is a miserable way to live. I have recently gone to see a motility specialist in the Bronx, NY at Montefiore Medical Center, he said that I needed to re-train my body with a very high-fiber diet. He prescribed Amitiza, my body just basically laughed at that, it had no change what so ever. Along with the high-fiber diet, I had to eat Activia daily, I immediately felt and looked like I was 7 months pregnant. The discomfort was so intense, I cried often, and would need to use a Fleet Enema to get the slightest relief. I stuck it out for about 6 months, and couldn’t take it any longer, he even put me through a Pelvic Floor test to find that I do in fact have a pelvic flooy dysfunction, so on top of the chronic constipation, I was incapible of moving anything out. I stopped going to the Dr. at Montefiore, I was more uncomfortable than I have ever been. I decided that I would try eating 3 cups of Activia in the morning, a few weeks ago, and eventually I started to feel the urge to “go”, mind you, it was not a huge amount, but a major improvement for me. Today in fact, I was very surprised that what I passed was more normal looking. This yogurt has given me more hope than I have ever had.

  20. Vivienne Says:

    For those of you with constipation problems, that is a digestive disorder. I would see your local herbalist at a health food store like Henry’s or Jimbo’s or Whole Foods. Or go to a nutrionist. There are several products to help you such as premium probiotics not activia(uses a very poor strain of bacteria) as well as plant extracts such as aloe vera juice (but only choose the highest quality), and homeopathics like colonsonia canadensis preferably in liquid tincture form. These methods have worked for 100′s of years.

  21. darlene kushner Says:

    I have had bowel problems my entire life, and I m finding Activia to work for me.

  22. Debbie Anatole Says:

    People need to take responsibiliy for their own actions. You have to ask “what are the damages” I have to say, yogurt isn’t going to damage anyone no matter what. Yes, the attorneys do get wealthy over these crazy claims. So stop it! stop it! right now. I love Dannon yogurts they are very tasty, whether they make me go or not.

  23. Peter Says:

    I am living in Italy and started buying Activia about 7 months ago. Not only does it taste great but it has helped me with my digestion problems which I have had all my life. Frankly, I dislike corporation and CEOs even more, owing to their greed and lack of concern for the public good. Nevertheless, living in Italy has also helped me to see how lawsuit-happy Americans are. While Americans laud individuality, they bite at any opportunity to blame someone else for their decisions.

  24. Danielle Says:

    Hello – ACTIVIA worked wonders for me. And still does. I swear by it. And it snot because of what companies “claim”it does. its what ive experienced. I normally don’t listen to false claims but this claim is true. I can’t live without activia….it has regulated my IBS for 2 years now.

  25. not cal Says:


    If you don’t like the product or it’s packaging, don’t buy it.

    I can’t imagine these tiny containers taking up much space once they’re emtpy, in a landfill or where ever else they end up. I’d say we’re in danger of other things filling up those landfills first. And just think, after a few hundred million years or so, it all turns back into oil anyway.

  26. Bill G. Says:

    We all don’t know what we are talking about. How does that sound?! Activa works for me but there probably isn’t another person with the same combination of problems. I can’t digest beef…I pass out from the cramps. Pork is starting to do the same. I’m 64 and I can attest that aging is accompanied by decreasing digestion ability. I love cheese but it causes constipation in my gut. I tried Activia and I immediately noticed the cheese and then the pork issues went away. I still don’t dare eat beef.

    As for nutritionists, I have yet to meet one that has even heard about my beef beef. Specialists are fine but most of them stick to the tried and true (commercially funded) food pyramid for professional safety. We have to do our own searches and try many ideas. Activia shouldn’t be scapegoated, we are all slightly different, some greatly different.

  27. wendy Says:

    I hate yogurt!!! but one day I wanted to try Activia to see if it would help me from running to the bathroom every time I eat, well after the first use, I was not running to the bathroom and it has been 5 days and I feel great!!! and it does feel good not running to the bathroom after I eat!!! I WILL KEEP EATING THIS YOGURT!!!

  28. Michael James Says:

    Activia and other dairy products containing bifidobacteria work wonders for me. The product is probably not a cure all for for all your digestive problems. However, if the product is eaten on a regular basis and included in a healthy diet and lifestyle, you odds are good that you will feel better and have fewer disgestive problems. The FDA has allowed Activia to make these helath related claims. Getting the FDA to allow a health related claim requires peer reviewed scientific and clinical data to back such claims.

    There is also peer reviewed scientific research that suggests other potential health claims when consuming bifidobacteria.

    Specifically, consuming bifidobacteria may provide health benefits that include: diarrhea prevention for antibiotic treated patients (Bartlett, 2007); cholesterol reduction (Xiao, 2003); reducing the severity of symptoms caused by lactose intolerance (Jiang et al., 1996); immune stimulation (Medina, 2007); and cancer prevention (Moschner, 2004). The fact that so many potential health benefits are attributed to B. longum illustrates that this species possesses many interesting characteristics. For these reasons, researchers in the food industry have taken a keen interest in using bifidobacteria in their products. The potential to prevent cancer appears promising and studies have suggested this may be due to protection from various carcinogens and mutagens (Reddy and Rivenson, 1993; Sreekumar and Hosono, 1998).

  29. Michelle Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous, and both the plaintiff and the attorney should be ashamed of this frivolous lawsuit.

  30. June Le Blanc Says:

    How can I get in on the lawsut?
    June Le Blanc

  31. Rose King Says:

    I am very upset over this claim they have taken, especially since I have been eating yogurt to help my over all health and to help with the problem I have as far as being “regular” and am fighting a continuous battle with yeast infections. I know that yogurt, active cultures is the good stuff, but what I was doing was TOTALLY believing in their claim. I was fooled by their product claims as well. Does anyone know where I can go to join in the lawsuit against Dannon? I am really upset!

  32. ADParker Says:

    You should actually read the lawsuit. It’s not saying the product DOESN’T work.
    I love activia and will continue to use it and other products similar to it. I have lost a ton of weight with activia’s help. The two week plan WORKS.

  33. Cami Says:

    Makes me wonder who did the Lawyers research… Probiotics DO work….. I worked for a vet and we even recommended Activia for pets with digestion issues.. Anything for someone to make a buck (or many).. This is ridiculous. I actually have IBS and eat activia daily for that reason it helps tremendously and I KNOW it’s the probiotics.. I also know almost all yogurt contains probiotics so what if Dannon chose to use it to boost thier advertising (smart if you ask me) it worked…. I choose activia because I LOVE the yogurt and cereal.. Anywho…. Like I said anything to make a buck…

  34. christine Says:

    i have succomed to purchasing many activia yougurt in the hopes of regularity. in this economy i too can not afford to be paying extra for anything, but w/ the promise of regularity and well being ifeel fooled as well.would like to know a well how to recieve my $ back

  35. Kate Alexander Says:

    I just spent 100s of dollars eating the 24 oz. tubs of Activia Light for seven months. My system is shot. I got diarhhea at times when it was not convenient. This product was to be good for my digestive system. The Danactive cost too much so I bought tubs and added my own fruit. The manager of the dairy department at Winn-Dixie has been stocking it for me, saving cases in back so I could have plenty. Had I known about a class action law suit, I would not have done this to my system. I suppose Jamie Lee Curtis says “Or your money back” had I kept my grocery slips for seven months. I have been ripped off. Dannon paying the fine has not stopped their business. There are plenty out there like me who didn’t know any better. I lost monet and they lined their wallets. I feel gyped.

  36. Ann M Zumbluskas Says:

    I would like to let the Dannon company know I tried the activic 14 day
    challange and found not only did activia taste good, but it helped with
    my IBS problem. I have been using activia for about a month now
    and my digestive system is almost back to normal. I give thumbs up
    for activia it worked for me.

    Ann Marie Zumbluskas

  37. Suzette Says:

    I was never one to like yogurt but when I tried Activia, I was hooked! I love it! Effective or not, I don’t mind. The taste is treat enough for me. So if you think that it is expensive, then why the heck buy it if it dents your budget? Like everything else, what works for others may not work for you. Just accept it and try to look for alternatives. Here’s a simple solution for you to understand better: LIPSTICKS. Claims to make you more beautiful. But what happens if that certain color advertised didn’t look too good with your complexion? Would you sue that company? Or like a normal thinking person just go find another shade in the hopes that you will finally find the right color? How about anti-wrinkle creams that continues not to do anything to your wrinkles? This is very sick. Be smart. Use common sense.

  38. KEN Says:

    I just started using Activa before bedtime. After the first night of using it I noticed something odd. I did’nt have my normal stomach probems associated with IBS. After a week, same results. I really do not care whats in it as long as it helps me. At less then 50 cents a day, what a bargain and it tastes good too.

    I have tried numerous homeopathic cures with mixed results, so I say if it works keep buying it, if it doesnt, how much money did you invest? Its much better the medicine.

    As for all litigateous people, get a life. If it doesnt harm you, try something else. They give you a money back guarantee! What people do not understand that in some cases, half the cost of the product is to pay for lawyers writing the labels and the companies insurance cost to cover lawsuits. In England, if you sue somebody and lose, that losing party pays for ALL legal costs. I wish we could ship that judicial system here!

  39. maryroush Says:

    10-9-2009 i have bought dannon active alot of times the first time it worked and after that it was just like any other yogurt!!!!!! i should have boughten my regular yogurt which i do now mary roush middleport,ohio

  40. Gwenlyn V. Brush Says:

    Dannon Activia yogurt does not make it clear where to get the appliciation to claim the $100. owed to me for false advertizment. I would like an application sent to my email address. so i can get a reinburement for money I SPENT ON THIS PRODUCT.

  41. Cathy Says:

    My husband and I have been eating this every day for the past year – it works! If it doesn’t work for some, that’s unfortunate- but that’s no reason for a lawsuit. Thanks, Dannon, for being out there!

  42. carmela Says:

    I feel the activia works for me. i wish the drink was a little cheaper, but i still buy it.

  43. Jesse M.S. Says:

    Activia = Placebo

  44. Miri B. Says:

    I was having lots of difficulty going to the bathroom. I would even bleed. I went to the doctor, and had a colonoscopy performed. I experienced lots of bloating and gastritus. I decided to try Dannon Activia. Literally from one day to the next, my symptoms were aleviated and I no longer had issues when going to the bathroom. I have not bled since.

  45. Geoff Says:

    Read the responses of those who want to join in the lawsuit, and note the poor spelling and grammar. Coincidence? Perhaps.

    Good health encompasses eating more than one food. Yogurt, with or without probiotics, will not cause either constipation or diarrhea. For those who have had, or are currently experiencing, those problems, see a doctor. Your health problems go deeper than you know.

    Also note Dannon’s true claim: “HELPS strengthen….” They make no claim at magic, overnight cures. Good balanced nutrition equals good health, period. And that IS scientifically proven.

    As for those commentators making snide remarks about sue-happy Americans, give it a rest. This particular frivolous lawsuit was brought about by an American, yes, but there are sue-happy fools the world over. Idiocy is not uniquely American.

  46. mandy Says:

    activia is working for me! those of you who have not felt the affects must not be exercising, or must be eating poorly in other meals, or must need more help than just from probiotics. it’s already regulated me and i’ve only been eating it for a week. and i’m 28 years old, so it’s not just for 80 year olds. stupid sue-crazy America.

  47. Amanda Rossetti Says:

    I have used both products and they really help me. I have IBS and Ive tried everything but Activia has helped me more then anythings, Other products were making my issue worse. I also have asthma and I’m big on anything that will help me with not getting sick or at lease not badly sick and Danactive has done that for me to… Yes it is a bit much to pay for yougert but it helps me and ive lost weight while on activia and Ill keep buying it. It would be nice if they did come down in price a bit. And to Geoff some people do see a doctor for the stomach issues and even that does’nt work, trust me. Ive changed my diet which help but so did activia. Geoff not matter how much you change your diet there are other thing that help the problem and Activia is one of them. I have tried doctors, fiber one and all that other crap but it made my ibs worse. If you dont suffer from it then you would’nt know what helps and what does’nt.

  48. Carol Says:

    I ate Activia for two weeks and then began noticing constipation problems, which I had not had previously. Suffered with it for over 8 months and finally am back almost to normal now. I do not support frivilous lawsuits but believe this reaction should be investigated and publicized.

  49. ruth miller Says:

    i tried using activia hoping it wuold help me , but unfortunately it did not help. the ads are misleading and i would like to be a part of this lawsuit because i am sick and tired of false claims used to sell products.

  50. Jim Says:

    Ever since I began eating Activia daily, I am regular and feel great. I’ve had problems my whole life with irregularity. I mix the vanilla light with blueberries for breakfast. If it’s a placebo/mental thing, it’s working regardless.

    I am so sick of these lawsuits. Americans have atrocious diets and are overweight. Eat sensibly, people!

  51. Elizabeth Says:

    I have been eating yogurt since I was in High School. Way back then Yogurt came in paper cups and there was nothing fancy or interesting about them. Yogurt itself helps me out stomach wise. I have no interest in using special named items. Ive been told over the years that Yogurt is a great source of pro bacteria, especially after youve taken antibiotics which wipe out good and bad bacteria. Anyhoo…. skip all the fancy stuff and eat plain old yogurt. Save money, buy plain and add your own fruit. It’s wonderful with a bit of chocolate on top…….

  52. Betty Says:

    I am 64 years old and have had bloating and gas for several years. I tried Activia (I have never liked yogurt) and it worked from the first day. My abdomen is flatter than it has been in some time, the discomfort is gone, and so is the embarrassment of “tummy sounds”. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my life. I am very active, work with horses, and run, but until Activia came into my life I still looked like an unfit old woman with a “fluffy, distended belly”. Now I wonder if a body can overdose on Activia. I like it so much, I grab it for a snack during the day. Way to go, Dannon!

  53. cccc Says:

    People are easily fooled by propaganda. Fact is that the only thing that Dannon has is an active yogurt culture just like other brands have but by their advertising they have got many to spend an extra $1 for the same effect any other yogurt would have if it has an active yogurt culture.I laugh when I see people put it into their carts, what suckers they are!

  54. Sue G. Says:

    Geoff, you are one smart man. I completely agree with you. I would like to add that my family and I tried Activia and found that it has had a positive effect on our digestive system. When we were in Italy last summer, we noticed that everyone kept the DanActive stocked in their fridge and reached for it often. I make my own yogourt from scratch, (the way my grandmother made it in the old country) and I’ve wondered if it has the same active ingredients that are in the Acitiva. Any one know?

  55. V. Deemu Says:

    I really don’t care if it works or not. I have tried a lot of different brand of yogurts, and the only one with a spectacular and delicious taste is Activia. They are yummy! Especially the Strawberry flavor. I love the taste.

  56. Ginny E Says:

    After reading these e-mails regarding Activia and being up for the 3rd night with severe nausea associate with digestive and constipation problems, I am getting Activia ASAP. My father swears by the product.

  57. James Says:

    So many morons here. First of all, it’s a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. it’s not 300 million for her. In the end, if the suit prevails, it would end up getting the average buyer a few bucks each.

    Secondly, it is indeed a FACT that asidopholis bifidus, a known healthy bacteria, is beneficial to the AVERAGE person’s digestive system. Does that mean it’s good for everyone? NO, thus Dannon’s money back guarantee. Could it be harmful to some people? Maybe! Just like some people can’t eat peanuts, or flour, or eggs, or artificial sweeteners!!

    And people are like, “Oh my God! They are marketing and making more money on this yogurt than regular yogurt!!” Yeah?? Welcome to America. Ever heard of the “Pet Rock”?? Or what about generic drugs being half the cost of the same exact name-brand drugs. If you wanna sue someone, how about them?

    Take some friggin responsibility for yourself. This trait in so many Americans will be our undoing!


  58. alexa Says:

    activia is a good product.its the person its self that needs to keep a healthy diet.dont just depend on the yogurt to do all the job.drink water eat fibers,workout,we amaricans are known for being LAZY.

  59. Joey Says:

    Too many people have become sue happy now days. That is a lame reason to sue.

  60. ray Says:

    I noticed one post referred to us or at least some of us as “lazy Americans”. Some of “us” do not have digestive systems that cause us great pain, that make our tum tums feel up with gas, that sometimes we are unable to produce a bowel movement no matter what we have tried, how may times we have vistied the Dr, and then at others are running to the restroom despite what are schedule for that day may be filled with. Some of these very people, Sir or Mam, do exercise and do eat right, despite thier very best , it does not seem to matter to thier digestive mind. So please get off your holier than thou attitude and get real. What is more the reality here is that thier are some of “us”, that continue to want something for nothing and lawsuit is thier legacy for thier lives. If you dont like the product as it did not agree with you, how about you just dont take it any longer. I doubt this product has damanged anyones system to the point of no return, however to see them in court you would for sure think they are on thier last breath. Bull crap

  61. ray Says:

    Correction to the above. Should state “some of do have digestive systems” instead of “dont not have”. Thanks

  62. Kathy Says:

    Products don’t always work for everyone. I would hate to have to live with the person filing this lawsuit. Direct your energies into volunteering for a cause instead of suing and making more lawyers rich.

  63. T Turner Says:

    Activia works fine for me. Must be a consumer trying to get rich!!!!

  64. Margarett Says:

    You know when you’ll notice Activia works? When you’re sick.

    I have a diabetic thing called gastro paresis. Anyone else have this? A visit from this horror produces sulpher burps. Then, you’re throwing ‘up’ and throwing ‘down.’ It’ll take you out.

    While this thing was raging, I ate the only yogurt I could find, Activia. It ‘cured’ it. I’m eating one or two a day now, and that thing won’t be coming back. (They say there’s no cure for gastro paresis. Yes there is. Activia.)

    I avioded fruity flavored yogurts because I was told this compromised the good bacteria. All the Activia works on my paresis. It’s not a risk to try it. Don’t wait like I did.

  65. Renee Miller Says:

    I can’t believe all of this over reaction that keeps lawyers busy. I have tried many yogurts – buy when they are on sale. Dannon has a great freshness & consistency: however, frequently too expensive.
    Have chronic collagenous collitis and lactose intolerance. Until being diagnosed with the lactose, ate oodles of yogurt.
    Instead of picking silly suits why not concentrate on drug reactions that many times are harmfull and ineffective. Fosomax gave me scleroderma;hypertension and statins meds produce constipation & diarhea. After taking lovastatin for a month of D; decided to try activia – 2 days & no D.
    Most statins contain lactose.

  66. Beav Says:

    It’s funny that people will go through all this trouble over yogurt but not get mad over the proposed Obamacare plan.

  67. Susan Wagner Says:

    I really suffered with the flu this year and a very painful 48 hours of gas pain. I never had symptoms like gas pain before and I didn’t know when it was going to go away. Finally after two days suffering still I drank and dannonactive bottle, JUST ONE and all my gas pain immediately stopped completely gone. I know dannonactice works and I hope they don’t take that off the shelf. I feel the difference in my health when I take it or when I don’t so I prefer to drink it. It is a wonderful cure for gas pain.

  68. Swiss Says:

    My only complaint about Activia is that every Kroger’s in my area stopped carrying their Plain Activia. I guess maybe my complaint is more properly directed to Kroger’s. I found Activia Plain to be an excellent product. I wish I was still able to get it.

  69. michelle guillaume Says:

    I tried the Acivia snack cheese. I loved it; it tasted good & kept me regular. I would have a couple of slices of cheese & some crackers as a light lunch every day after I first tried it. I suffer from IBS & Ativia cheese was the only non medication I could use to relieve my cnstipation. Then all of a sudden I cold no longer find the cheese. I got the Activia drinkable yogurt to replace the cheese. As I dont like yogurt in any form, I passed it on my 12-yr old niece who had problms with constipation. Activia worked so well for her she started requesting it when I mentioned grocery shing.

  70. Jammer Says:

    WOW. After reading this article I went right out and bought some to see if it is true and I did feel a little different. So how do I get some of this money. Oops, Let me re-phrase that. How do I get my name on this class action lawsuit to teach those corporate greedy execs a lesson. I am so glad we have lawyers out there that are only interested in our wellfare. $300 million dollars, only in America.

  71. Bev Miedema Says:

    I’ve had IBS for years and 4 years ago, had 3 feet of intestine removed. Have gone daily between constipation and explosive bouts of diarrea. Been doing the activia for a week now and can only say, for me it works. Of course it goes without saying, I’ve always been very selective about my diet which did not control this. Love this stuff.

  72. sally Says:

    I have had horrible problems with “gas” and bloating, and IBS … embarrassing. I eat yogurt regularly but I thought I would give Activia a try … From day 1 I have not had a gas, bloating, constipation, or diarhea .. .everything has come back to normal (at least as normal as it can be for “ME”)

    I’m very pleased with the product .. and it’s done what other yogurts have not ..

  73. trish Says:

    OMG, you people need to get a life. Take a walk, eat healty food. A little
    hot water and lemon morning and evening for irregularity. Exercise your brain as well as your body.

  74. Julie Says:

    These class action lawsuits hurt everyone and only make lawyers rich. What a crock and this is just one reason why the cost of everything has skyrocketed. She should be ashamed. If she doesn’t like the cost, don’t buy the stuff, end of story.

  75. John Says:

    There is no big point fighting with each other about this lawsuit. It is about false advertising and that’s all. People bought Dannon products because they were advertised as more healthy then other similar products, which they are not. Those who have severe bowel problems related to bacterial disbalance, can always try probiotic pills. One can buy 200 pills, with 2 billion active bacterial cells in each pill, for ~$20. It takes a course of 5 days taking 5-6 billion bacteria per day to successfully inoculate your bowels with probiotic bacteria. One would have to eat 3000 calories worth of Activia per day to get that amount of bacteria, and still would not achieve successful inoculation, because most bacteria die in the highly acidic environment in the stomach. This is why the probiotic pills usually are coated with the substance that dissolves only after the pill passes the acidic stomach and enters a more reduced environment in the duodenum and small intestines.

    It is sickening how much we got used to false advertisement. We ask out doctors to prescribe dangerous new drugs that have not been thoroughly tested, and then get surprised how that happened that anti-diabetic drugs cause pancreatic cancer, or antidepressants lead to suicide. I totally support this lawsuit, because the companies should be held responsible for their lies. That includes Apple for misadvertizing PCs as faulty and prone to crashing, Procter and gamble for saying their anti-dandruff shampoos work when there is not enough active ingredients in these shampoos to treat any serious dandruff problem and the mere right composition of soaps and oily substances is enough to soften the scalp, etc., etc. Yes, everybody needs to be educated, but that does not mean that uneducated fools have to be taken advantage of.

  76. Doc Says:

    Wow! This is the first time I’ve heard about this lawsuit. So, many comments. So, many opinions. This is partly why the lawsuit is justified. For all of you who have taken Activia and it works, I pose the questions: Did you try another yogurt before? Or, was it the claims the commercial made that got you to try it? If, it was the commercial, then that is why the lawsuit is being filed. Because the commercial is misleading. ANY YOGURT would work. Health food stores have been selling probiotics for YEARS. Anyone ever try Kefir? Yummy! Dannon’s “special” bacteria is only in their product because they grew out there own strain and patented it. That’s it.
    The other side of the coin is that Americans we need to wake up and turn the t.v. off. Understand that companies are out to make money and they stretch the truth as far as it can go to get you to buy their product. They have their own lobbyists and boards to influence congress. The boards have so much pull that the USDA disregarded the World Health Organization’s (WHO) food guidlelines. The USDA then made up their own “new food pyramid” to sell the American public because, it (WHO’s guidelines) would harm the dairy and grain industries.

  77. Teri Says:

    Wow… It’s amazing how derogatory people can be. Would I start a class-action lawsuit because of the advertising that Dannon did? No. But would I belittle someone else for it? No. We can only control what we do, and it does no good to put someone else down for doing something we don’t agree with.

    I, too, have had problems my entire life, saw the commercials, tried Activia hopefully. Unfortunately, it ended up giving me more problems. lol I ended up running to the bathroom at inconvenient times, and discontinued using it. loved the taste, tho. =) Works for some, doesn’t for others.

    All the criticism towards “Americans” and “people whining about it not working” is pretty sad. Whatever happened to people having tact and showing concern about others? Has it become a thing of the past?

  78. Stella Barrett Says:

    Activia works for me. If it did not, I would just quit buying it. No lawsuit. Let the Buyer Beware.

  79. Jena Says:

    Tort reform.

  80. Mary Hilal Says:

    Works great.

  81. Frances Says:

    I do not believe this woman deserves 300 million dollars because she does not like the taste of this yogurt. If it taste that bad to you then I will give you some advise DO NOT buy it anymore. Do you honestly have so much free time in your life, This is why the courts are so slow to act, because of big cry babies like you, Grow up and get a life.

  82. Dr. Patricia McWhorter Says:

    Activia was and is, for me, the answers to my lifelong quest to resolve my digestive issues. Gosh, doesn’t the ad say right out loud, “It works or your money back.” So, go get your back and stop suing companies that actually do help some of us.

  83. Dr. Patricia McWhorter Says:

    Actvia was and is, for me, the answers to my lifelong quest to resolve my digestive issues. Gosh, doesn’t the ad say right out loud, “It works or your money back.” So, go get your money back rather than taking out a lawsuit against a company that actually helps a lot of us. I could name 10 friends off the top of my head who would say the same thing.

  84. Anne Says:

    It’s common knowledge that probiotics are essential for a healthy immune system. Roughly 70% of your immune system lies in your digestive tract, thus an imbalance of such would cause illness and bowel issues (constipation, loose stool and everything in between).

    Fortunately, probiotics occur naturally in most dairy cultures. That’s right…most yogurts are created equal.

    Probiotics when used correctly will not make you more sick.

    I run pretty antisocial as it is…but this makes me pissed.

    Are there lawsuits that penis enlargement pills don’t work?

    And without scientific, medical data that it has caused kidney stones, unicorns, gential warts and other malice, you cannot make those claims.

    Have some ethics.
    Have some morals.

    Lazy, ignorant jerks

  85. Sandra Says:

    I give Dannon Activia to my dogs. They both have sensitive digestive systems and this has worked wonders. I split a single serving container between the 2 of them each day. We aren’t running to the vet constantly because the dogs have “the runs” A lawsuit seems a bit outrageous. Not all products work for all people. I hope Dannon continues to manufacture this product. For Pete’s sake people this is whats wrong with America!!!! Everybody is out for a quick pay off.

  86. JKL Says:

    Look sometimes I would eat four containers worth in one sitting because I go to QFC and look for yogort that has been disscounted because of its expiration. There is nothing wrong with the product it tastes awsome and I have had no adverse effects of eating so much, however I have no bowel problems in the first place. But still we are talking about figgin yogurt, a snack food, not medication, so don’t be supprised if snack food doesn’t cure what is wrong with you, WAKE UP!! thats all.

  87. liza Says:

    activia works for me and gets me full. Its sad that people would really claim a lawsuit its funny and redicilus… obviosly it will not work for everyone and if you are having problems you should concult a doctor … people would do anything to get some money like seriosly people stop …. in that case why dont we just sue everyone

  88. Victoriaverve Says:

    I’ve been eating activia for over a year.. It works great for me and definitely does what they say it’s meant to. I wouldn’t want to live without it now! People can tell by themselves if it works on not.. If it doesn’t work don’t buy it! So much time and money is wasted on lawsuits and research.

  89. Jim Says:

    These lawsuits disgust me, $300 Million is insane for claim that every other company is making. I believe that companies should not be able to make false claims but $300 mil, sheesh. And we wonder why american companies are looking to move over seas. Our legal system is out of control because of people just like this!!! I hope Danon’s lawyers use the comments from this site in their defense. Make the penalty reasonable you scum bag lawyers!

  90. Al Says:

    Yeah to the guy stating he had cramps and constipation from activa might simply be reActing to a dairy product not necessarily this particular yogurt.

    I am 22 years old and I’ve suffered from ibs-like symptoms. For as long as o can remember and my movements have always been lose and/or slow. After trying activia for TWO days something profound happened to me.

    I had a fast smooth and firm bowel movement that took approximately thirty seconds. This product CAN work. However I had eaten 2-3 containers a day. My only complaint is the price because you néed to eat quite a few of those Tiny little containers to experience results. The claim that probiotics don’t work seems inaccurate to me. I’d just like to see them give you a bit more yogurt for the buck.

  91. Gina Says:

    I did try Activia and it really did work for consipation, but it also gave me terrible gas. I had the most embarrassing moments in my life. I was in a resturant in Vegas with another couple and we were just getting ready to leave and I had the worst gas of my life all the way through the resturant. Needless to say, that was the last day I ever ate Activia!!!! Someone told me that goes away after couple of months, but I was not willing to risk it.

  92. Deborah Kay Says:

    I added Activia to my diet every day for at least the past month to help constipation. I actually ended up in the ER last Friday night at due to nausea from a kidney stone, and not having a bowel movement for pretty over a week, I was vomiting actual STOOL because I was so backed up! – I’ve never experienced anything so frightening and disgusting at the same time. I am thinking the cardboard carton may have had more fiber than the yogurt.

  93. Roberta Says:

    I decided to try Activia, honestly because it was on sale and thought it couldn’t hurt to try it out. My sister in law had also recomeneded it to me so I went for it. I would not have been too disapointed if it did not work at all, but what I have experienced instead should be held accountable. I honestly did not think that yogurt could cause so much pain and suffering! Activia needs to be taken off the shelves. Great it works for some people but there is no WARNING LABEL telling you of side effects. I did not know I was poisoning myself by eating this and there are WAY too many people with the same issues for it to be still on the shelves!!!!!

  94. Anne Keefer Says:

    I’ve suffered from constipation issues my entire life. Activia has worked great!!!– for me plus my internist recommended its use. Finally a great product comes along and some nut cases have to sue. If you don’t like it don’t buy it –why sue?

  95. Jackie Says:

    I also have the issue so many of you have, and Activia works. Simple as that. It seems those that found a problem wanted to find a problem. Ever heard the phrase “you believe what you want to”? I think the same thing goes for those that want/don’t want to believe a spouse is cheating; we believe what we want to. If you think ANY yogurt will do the same thing as Activia- you are sadly mistaken. If you think you will win a lawsuit against something that has OBVIOUSLY been proven to help (just take a look at this article and you will see the proof!), I believe you are just as mistaken. This is America at its worst, people need to get hobbies. Like so many of you said, find something that DOES work for you if its so horrible! And let’s just say that it costs $1.00 per container- which it DOES NOT, but we will use that for the sake of the gross overestimate of the lawsuit. At that rate one would have to eat 300,000,000 containers, MAKING IT 821,917 YEARS OF ONE ACTIVIA PER DAY!!!!!!!! So, yes a class action lawsuit maybe divided amongst parties, but just how many lifetimes worth of Activia do they expect to be paid for?!?! For that matter, who in their right mind would continue to buy it for one year of it didn’t work, let alone a lifetime? It is excessive no matter how you spin it, excessive and ridiculous. And the worst part, is who is this going to turn away from a potential cure out of fear? Hopefully no one is as stupid, and I mean stupid, as these sue-happy people. Because it works, I mean REALLY works. I was skeptical, but there is no denying it, no irregularity, uncomfortable living, bloating, none of it. It is gone, and will continue to be as long as you, or I, continue to eat Activia. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the yo

  96. Jackie Says:

    Correction: Proof is in the yogurt!:)

  97. jag Says:

    Never once in any commercial does anyone put the product in their mouth. There is a very strong and simple message right there. The stand/sit around talking the talk but never follow through with eating the product. Speaks volumns !!!!!! If it look like phoney advertising just maybe it is…..

  98. Rose Stecker Says:

    i felt i was inferior in taste and texture and definitely not worth the added cost.

  99. Kelly Simeone Says:

    I have IBS that I have been battling for 15 years. I am 32 and this has plagued me most of my life. For the past 2 years I have been battling the constipation side of the IBS. My doctor had me taking Amitiza for awhile. It wroked for a very short time then eventually had to put me on the highest dose they had and had me taking Dulcolax with it. Then my Colon became so backed up I ended up in the ER. They took me off the Amitiza and since then had me on 4 Dulcolax a night. Still I had problems. I thought nothing would help. My friend told me to try the Activia and I did. Since then I am down to 2 Dulcolax a night and I eat Activia everyday. This is the first time in 2 years that I didn’t feel hopeless about the IBS-C. Thank you Dannon Activia

  100. Carolyn Says:

    I have used this product since it was first advertised. I also eat Greek yogurt. I haven’t been sick for 3 years. Not even a cold. Should I attribute my good health to either product? I don’t think so. I live a healthy life style in general. However it’s part of it. I hope Dannon prevails and the woman who file the suit can move on to another suit. Maybe the chair she sits on caused her butt to spread and there was no warning it would do so. BTW, this isn’t a political forum so comments about the health care bill that just PASSED are uncalled for. I’m betting the person who made the comment has health insurance and supports the tea baggers. Go watch Faux News.
    Health care for all is a fact now. Deal with it. Move On.

  101. Greg Says:

    I have tried Activia and actually have a pack unopened but i must say that i too have fallen for Dannon’s claims to a regular digestive system as well though i will tell you that there is another alternative and that is the same bifidus regularis or probiotics in pill form that you can get from a health food store perhaps even GNC or Vitamin World and i’m pretty sure you can also get it on Amazon you can find anything on Amazon

  102. Thelma Says:

    Some people would do anything for an easy dollar. That’s one of the problem with this country. Everybody wants to sue if things don’t work out the way they want it. I am never one to get involved with advertised product because not everyone can be trusted. I used to go once per week or once every two weeks. I decided to try Activia, and since then, I GO EVERY SINGLE DAY. The flavors are great, except the vanilla. I don’t like that, but otherwise the product works.

  103. Millie Wood Says:

    i also have lactose intolerance that is why i always avoid dairy products.’`,

  104. Jack Says:

    It does absolutely nothing for my constipation problem but it tastes great.
    The only problem I have is that it seems to have a little more watery consistency in recent months (maybe to help cover legal fees related to the lawsuit?).

  105. trentroy Says:

    Another frivilous lawsuit, which makes me ill. If you think it costs to much, don’t buy it. Seems this sue happy fool is too stupid to figure that one out on her own. We’re not forced to purchase any product, its called free choice.

  106. tricia Says:

    i love it but can u eat it more than once a day

  107. tricia Says:

    how do i find out about how much activia to eat

  108. dcpope39 Says:

    It works for me, I’ve been taking it for a bout a week and have already notice a change in my digestive system. I will continue to eat Activia, I only east it five day a week and not on weekend. But for those five days it really works.

  109. Lino Ireson Says:

    Wonderful Site! I wondered if I would be able quote a portion of your website and use a couple of items for a school assignment. Please email me whether that would be fine. Thanks

  110. me Says:

    Sure, go ahead.

  111. Charlene Gunville Says:

    This product was recommened to me by a friend who just loves it. I agree – love the taste and it works great. As far as gall or kidney stones – what’s the rest of your diet? I’m sure it does not work for every one. If your problem is not enough water (not coffee, soda etc) nothing but more water will fix that. As for the lawsuit – come on now, I think you must claim to be intellegent, if you’ve used a food type product until it’s caused a problem without having the sense to stop – well intellegent – maybe not. I agree with the person who said get off your lazy backside and get a job. These silly lawsuits only end up costing all consumers more in the long run.

  112. Molly Moore Says:

    you can always avoid constipation by engaging in high fiber diet~,:

  113. shannon kretsinger Says:

    i did the whole 14 day or money back guarantee and it did nothing for me and when i asked for my refund do to false advertisement well got nothing in return. i do not suggest this product to anyone….

  114. cheryl D. Says:

    With digestive and thyroid problems I have found Activia to be THE one and only product that actually does regulate my digestion along with SEVERAL others that I have turned on to this product. For whatever reason….it works..and the liquid works the best.
    As far as taste…I like it. other may not. its all a matter of “taste” ..and no..I DONT work for the company or never did!
    I will complain the price is too high though!

  115. Colette T Says:

    I was surprised to hear about this lawsuit. I can vouch for this product, I have one every day and it works well for me, and its pretty tasty too. I highly doubt that Dannon would be found guilty.

  116. Eric Tuttle Says:

    Hi all, i´m from germany so my english isnt that superb. Please dont blame me. I read blogs to improve my english and say that your blog was perfect readable for me, because the english is really clear-thinking and all the posts are perfect readable. I will keep on reading it, to improve my english even more. Thanks a lot Smile

  117. KJ Says:

    How about worrying about more important things instead of bitching about whether or not the brand of yogurt you buy helps you shit.

  118. Rae Johnson Says:

    Activia has become a main stay in my home, even my daughter and grandsons now use it and love the new taste! Obviously everyone does not respond the same, though I myself have been very pleased with the results. Seen the commerical with Heidi Klum? That would be me with Activia, lol! I look forward to having my serving of Activia every day. I have not had anywhere near the positive results with any other product claiming the same results. I will continue to use Activia under the guidance of my GI doctor.

  119. Dwight Baker Says:

    Man, all for alittle money that this lawsuit will produce. Well, let me tell you. I have been taking Activia for almost 3 years and it has done wonders for my digestive system and it might not work for everyone, so don’t buy it if it doesn’t work!
    My only wish is that I can get more flavors of it and want to try the deserts or the drinks that Dannon puts out, but my stores don’t have it, so I stick with what I get and its totally wonderful and benefitical and I will continue to use Activia.

  120. Weight Loss Workouts Expert Says:

    Great article

    There’s nothing like being lean and healthy. In today’s America, we have toworkout more often and throw off our bad diet habits. It’s not extremely hard. You only have to stick to a diet program and keep going until you reach your objectives.

    Thank you very much for sharing this with your readers.

  121. alwanderer Says:

    300 million? Too many lawyers are bottom scum, We would be better off if 90% of lawyers did their “mopping up” on a floor stead of in a court room. There is something to be said for q brace of pistols and a pair of seconds at dawn. If the bastard were offed more then a few would cheer. By the way I love the yogurt, I just “offed” one. Cherry… Mmmm.

  122. Kyle Says:

    I got my settlement check today, and the thieves short-changed me over $60! What do they want, ANOTHER class-action suit?

    Did anyone else get short-changed?

  123. Sandra Says:

    Activia gives me diahrea. they have added a certain fiber to it.
    Now Polaner all fruit jelly has added fiber.(God knows why). I can’t eat it either. why are they all adding fiber. We should be smart enough to eat fiber on our own. If not, that’s our problem. I do not buy these products anymore.

  124. Sheila Thompson Says:

    Activia works great to regulate my digestive system, I do not know why someone is bringing a lawsuit. It works great for me.

  125. tasha Says:

    ok i have only a couple things to say if u people have had such bowel problems have u heard of a thing called a laxitve or mabe a stool softner me i have the other problem i cant stop going but i still love the yogurt and this lady come on seroulsly 300 million thats ridiculas should just tried somethin else ur bottom feeder and i thinks its bull get a life and grow up enough said

  126. colleen Says:

    I used Activia for 3 weeks now and it keeps me regular and my constipation has eased a lot. The only problem is I have more gas. I love the taste. I have tried lots of different brands of yogurt and Dannen Activia is the only one I can stand to eat. Keep making Activia I love it.

  127. Tony Says:

    I don’t like paying extra for Activia but this stuff works great and I will keep buying it anyway.

  128. Anonymous Says:

    Next we are going to sue the company who makes poptarts and oreos because of our obese children. HAH! It doesn’t work for everyone. Jeez.

  129. Anon Ymous Says:

    Wow! I was really surprised by this lawsuit. It is nothing short of a Joke. I will stand by, Dannon’s claims are correct.

    The bacteria found in Activia is beneficial. I’ve been eating the Vanilla flavor for a couple of years, off and on, and I notice the difference it makes.

    To further support Dannon’s claims, there is a product called Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup manufactured by Marshalls that contains the same bacteria. Although I have never read Marshall make any claims about this product, I have read hundreds of statements from ferret owners labeling this product as a “miracle supplement.”

    The actual miracle is lactobacillus acidophilus. Through my own studies with a few ferret owning friends-we found lactobacillus acidophilus to be extremely beneficial to ferrets. It helps more nutrients to be absorb by the digestive tract.

    Further, this bacteria saved my ferrets life. This is only my opinion…and I stand by it. My ferret had an ulcer, and lost an extreme amount of weight. Introducing a higher concentration of lactobacillus acidophilus to his diet assisted in recovery. It also helped his digestive tract absorb the antibiotics better, as his ulcer seemed to be resistent prior to introducing the higher concentration of the bacteria.

    That all said, the lawsuit is frivolous.

  130. Judy G Says:

    I am a 60 year old female. I started having major digestive problems after taking several medications for inflammation, and surgery (gallbladder/appendix). After the surgery, I was dismayed and alarmed to still have the bloating and pain problem – no matter what or how much or I ate.
    It occurred to me that it might be the result of having taken antibiotics and other meds, severely disrupting my digestive system.
    I gave Activia a try – and to my delight and amazement, had relief after just one “dose”. I plan to stick with it until my digestion is back to normal.
    And, I might add, I love the taste Dannon’s yogurt!
    ps. We own dogs, and always supplement their food with a couple of tablespoonsful of plain, lowfat yogurt. Beneficial to their coats and digestion.

  131. Emma Says:

    I decided to give Activia a try, as I was suffering from horrible abdominal pain every time I ate. I figured I had nothing to lose. I spent less than $8 to try it for a week, and they offer a moenyback guarantee of up to $14.

    I can’t believe the difference it has made for me!

    It has been a month and I haven’t had a single stomach ache. I almost forgot how it felt to feel this way. Furthermore, I think it tastes great.

    I can’t believe this Trish broad is suing because “it tasted poorly” and didn’t work for her. Aw! Did you suffer a little econmic injury, Trish? Did you pay a nominal amount of money to try something that you ended up not liking? QUICK! Someone get this ignorant b!#*% $300 million!

  132. Anonymous Says:

    In my case, it has made the difference between night and day. My digestive system IS much better. Thank you Activia and Dannon.

  133. Robin Says:

    Everyone’s digestive system is different. Everyone’s eating habits are different. Everyone’s absorption is different. Some things work for some people; others don’t. Activia worked for me. It’s nice to be regular and not bloated. Yes…I tried regular yoghurt, fat free yoghurt, plain, fruit, Greek, every yoghurt and Activia is the only one that has helped me with my normal digestion AND I have not changed my diet.
    I lived in Italy, too and noticed that Activia is a big part of people’s diet over there. Every store is stocked with it. And yes…taking myself out of the picture, I totally recognized A LOT of things about Americans that I didn’t like, one of them being how law suit happy they are.
    Because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t give you the permission to file a law suit.

  134. Consumer Says:

    I have taken Activia for four weeks faithfully and I’m still constipated and bloated. Will not buy this product again. I will stick with plain yogurt. Dannon is asking for a class action.

  135. Jen Says:

    I always have one yogourt in the morning in my breakfast. This time I wanted to try activia because they have new products. After I tried this products I got constipated. I don’t understand why because i am a regular person.

  136. Mike Says:

    If I was dannon I would tell them sue me and I wouldn’t give these people a dime. Nothing on the label is lie they emphasize on one particular ingredient that is in the product. It’s not going to work for everyone as nobody’s problems are identical and naturally peoples digestive systems work in different ways. If it don’t work don’t do it. Didn’t you learn this in kindergarten class. If you can’t drink milk you don’t drink it. If you can’t ear nuts you don’t eat them. Nyquill will knock my wife out but doesn’t do anything for me so guess what I don’t use it. There should be no out of court settlement because there is no case. I did a class action lawsuit 11 years ago when I was 18 for a electric belt that was supposed to cut fat at your waist. Well I didn’t work As does most infomercial products so 6 years after I got this letter to join this class action suit I got a settlement check for $2.88 I paid $49.00 for the product so guess what I didn’t even get my money back even though I never tried too the reason for the lawsuit was because the Velcro would tear after a while and expose the leads where the electric cord spliced into the motor and would cause the user to eventually get shocked when turned on. So if something that dangerous amounted to a $2.88 reimbursement than this is going to be a total waste of everybody’s time. and yes I know it was a class action lawsuit so there were probably millions of people on the suit and I know the lawyers took majority of the money. Knowing now as I got older I regret ever doing it because I believe America looks like asses because of the sue happy lifestyle Americans have fallen into.

  137. Mary Says:

    I love Dannon Activia Yogurt with fibre. Last year I went to spend a couple of months with my aging father after my mother passed away. While I was there I decided to try the yogurt for breakfast every morning with in 2 weeks my acne cleared up. I have been acne free for 1 whole year. It was an unexpected and pleasant result. I am one of their biggest supporters. What a ridiculous lawsuit.

  138. Darlene Says:

    I just want to know if the yogurt ever comes in Raspberry flavor?

  139. Constipation is Not Romantic | Nutrivize Says:

    [...] sick to death of the fake digestive cures advertised everywhere, like Activia yogurt. There’s no proof that Activia works (as I’ve mentioned angrily before) and yet, it’s still marketed as a constipation cure (note [...]

  140. mary Says:

    I just found out the activia has this bactéria because they take from humam poop , this is disgusting, I will never eat again,….. eeewwwwwww

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