Trader Joe’s Product Recall

Trader Joe’s has issued a voluntary recall on two of its products – Trader Joe’s Chocolate Orange Sticks and Trader Joe’s Chocolate Raspberry Sticks. The reason for the recall is for allergy reasons. The products have been found to contain more than “traces of milk” as stated on the label. The SKU number for the orange sticks is 084716 and the SKU number for the raspberry sticks is 084712. These products were shipped to Trader Joe’s locations across the country.

A recall was issued after company employees noticed the coating on the candy sticks did not look right, being lighter than normal. They believed that this color change indicated the candy was not coated in pure chocolate.

Milk allergies can be life threatening for some. Two allergic reactions had been reported as of this date.

If you had purchased either the Trader Joe’s Chocolate Orange Sticks or Trader Joe’s Chocolate Raspberry Sticks, you can return them to any store location for a full refund. You can also call the company at (626) 599-3817 if you have any questions about the recall.

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